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I think about this a lot. How everyone is having a very unique earthly experience. Everything is just you and projections of your perception. Nothing really exists. We are all one, just having different trips

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"Why didn’t I learn to treat everything like it was the last time. My greatest regret was how much I believed in the future."

- Jonathan Safran Foer, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (via wickedbabylon)

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The most hilarious pictures and comebacks EVER

This is honestly the best! I have never laughed harder at anything in my life xD

omg I love this post I’M LAUGHING SO HARD RN

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We never actually spoke that night,  each flanked by our spouses,  we didn’t need to.  

Our eyes meeting from across the room was enough to speak the words “I want you”, “I’ll always wonder what if… “,  “Please,  please let’s find a way for us to be alone”, “you scare me”.  

We knew that even in small talk the ease of our banter would betray us. Our laughter would convey too much warmth.  Our hands might reach out and our eyes might wander and our minds, our whole lives might change if we let any of that happen. 

We had already made our choices…  But I want you,  and I’ll always wonder what if. And please, please let’s find a way for us to be alone.  You scare me.  I love you still.

Sofia Stoltz

When I’m feeling cruel
I imagine her in my place
I imagine you kissing her, touching her
The way you kissed me, touched me
I imagine you feeding her the same words:
Those words are absolutes
And you don’t absolutely love me
It helps
That you don’t absolutely love her either."

- Traitor,  Nicki Nicks (via cruisinontheblue)

"I’m so stupid,
my mind is gone,
my heart is empty,
and all i can think of is if you’re alright.
I’m selfish and cruel to expect you to stick around.
But my love for you is profound.
So now i lay, alone, and numb.
Waiting for the kiss that will never reach my mouth."

- Hi guys,this is just something i wrote to let a little bit of pain out.. Please reblog it? Lets get my work out there? It will mean a lot(: (via social-psychopath)

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"The person who was once your very definition of love is now the reason why you don’t believe in it anymore."

- - Malaiko (via theonemalaiko)


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